Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

Hi everyone! My name is Asha, the CEO and founder of Happy H(Ours) Weddings & Events. If my website wasn't a total giveaway…I LOVE planning weddings! While we may have a lot in common…this might not be one of them. What we might have in common is, we were both young girls when we started dreaming of what our wedding day might look like! Truly, which little girl doesn't? In my dreams, I saw tears during my dress fittings, a grand entrance, color palettes (!!!!), Bollywood dance performances, and cherishing every moment of it.

What I didn't dream of was the numerous vendor meetings, disagreements between ivory table linens or egg shell table linens, not wanting as grand of an entrance because the logistics were too overwhelming, and the worst of it all - wanting it to end. For many couples, this is the one time in their lifetime they will experience the engagement phase of the relationship and it should be spent doing the things you truly enjoy and symbolize your relationship.

There are many factors that come into play when planning a wedding and deciding…do I really want to do this myself? Below are some factors to consider when deciding if you're going to bring on a wedding planner OR wedding coordinator:

1. What is your personality type?

The first step is always figuring out your personality type! Wedding planning means so much networking, organization, and chatting up with complete strangers! Some people LOVE this (wedding planners) and some people dread the thought of this. Wedding planners are here to make sure you aren't always stressed and are doing all the networking for you! Imagine having to chat it up with one stranger versus 12. Secondly, if you are a Type A person - takes control, gets stressed easily, I'd highly recommend at least hiring a month/day of coordinator who can alleviate the stress the weeks right before the big day!

2. What are your current priorities?

An average does take between 250-300 hours to plan so its wise to ask yourself early on in the game - do I really have and WANT to offer this much of my time out during my engagement phase? I have many clients that are grad students, in med school, or working over time so they able to afford the wedding of their dreams. These clients aren't able to offer the time to make the phone calls to vendors, negotiate between them, reread contracts and meet with them on a consistent basis etc. If time is not something you can offer without feeling extremely overwhelmed then consider talking to some wedding planners or even day/month of coordinators to help you enjoy this special experience! With a wedding planners knowledge, you can have many questions answered for you without having to spend the time to research it all

3. How organized are you?

Your wedding planning process is going to start with researching a number of vendors, understanding their styles, comparing different prices and packages. Next it will consist of the numerous meetings and the contracting phase. It will then move on to more meetings, more phone calls, tastings…you get the picture. Having a specific process to get all of this done is crucial to staying sane. Are you an organized person? Are sending emails, making phone calls, setting up meetings something you're even interested in…? When understanding long process of planning a wedding it takes to plan a wedding you always want to remember is this something id rather just pay someone to do for me?

4. What is your budget?

Oh god…The B word. It’s the word that we hate but can't live without. Wedding planners and wedding coordinators cost a lot. We get it. The most important thing to consider when building an initial budget are your priorities for the wedding.What are the things YOU value? Again, ask yourself - is this something I want to do or something I want to pay someone to do for me? When hiring a wedding planner you will now have a wealth of knowledge and expertise right by your side and the time that was going to be spent attending meetings and researching vendors will be spent drinking a glass of pinot grigio. A wedding planner does take a lot of weight off your shoulders as they do what they do best.

However, if you CAN'T afford a wedding planner, totally get. Consider a wedding coordinator! They are a heck of a lot more affordable and the feeling you will get handing over your hard work for someone to take over and manage it to the core. With these puzzle pieces being put together you'll be able to wake up the day of your wedding knowing everything will be just fine.

5. What is your wedding vision?

Dreaming of your wedding is something you've done since FOREVER! Some clients have their venue, theme, color palette, photographer picked out and in their wedding book since they first started scrapbooking. Some clients have absolutely no clue where to start. This is where an expert comes in! If you are a bride that knows absolutely everything she values, you might not need a wedding planner!

6. Who else can help?

Do you have family members and friends that are able to take control and assist you in organization? A natural leader, a newlymarried bridesmaid, an organized control freak? These are great people in your life who can assist you in the research, accompany you in tastings, and make so many suggestions your groom doesn't have a clue about (table linens!). With these people being able to make recommendations and assist, they might be a great alternative to a wedding planner!

7. Is this how you envision your engagement phase?

YOEO! You're only engaged once!!! It is so important to cherish the engagement phase of your relationship. It is completely up to you how you imagine enjoying these moments. Many clients love being involved in every step of the wedding process and some of these clients unfortunately just don't have the time. Other clients have all the time in the world but loathe the thought of networking/spreadsheets. While there are some that simply that afford a full service wedding planner. ALL OF THESE ARE OKAY! Find what works for you and you'll find that most wedding planners will always try to work within your budget.

Here at Happy H(Ours) we always recommend month/day of coordination to at least give yourself and your loved ones the peace of mind that everything will go as planned (or as timeline says). Feel free to reach out as if one wedding planners priced package might not work for you, we will always recommend one that might!

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