8 Creative Couples Costumes for Halloween 2020

New spooky season, same boo? Halloween doesn't feel the same this year but that doesn't mean you and your loved one can't enjoy some quality time thinking of creative outfits, DIYing, and getting in the holiday spirit! Halloween does mark the first holiday of many in the next few months, so why not enjoy? This is the perfect chance to showcase your relationship's personality & humor in a fun way. We have put together a list of creative Halloween costumes for all couples and families! Which one represents your relationship the most?

1. George & Pennywise from IT

The perfect mix between sexy and scary! Grab a body suit or a tutu, white top & Youtube some make up tutorials and you are all set to go! As George, since it's fall - this is your perfect excuse for a new rain coat (sorry, it does have to be yellow!) But if that's the only mandatory part of the costume, can you really complain? Bonus points for a red balloon!

2. Till Death Do Us Part

A perfect His & Her costume! If your wedding got rescheduled due to COVID-19 what better way to represent how the year went? Some would say this costume is a bit more risqué but that doesn't take away from how awesome these costumes look. Who can deny how great those contact lenses look?

3. Adam & Eve

I can't lie, this is my all time favorite costume! I had so much fun DIYing this costume. I grabbed an old pair of spandex, a black one shoulder crop top, made a quick run to the dollar tree to snatch a bunch of green & red fake flowers with fake mini apples. I took apart each leaf & flower and hot glued it onto the top and bottom. For Zach's costume, we grabbed a white bed sheet and YouTubed how to make a Toga. We then glued on the remainder of the flowers & leaves and to be honest, it was easy as that.

4. Velma & Daphne

Another adorable and creative costume for any couple or best friends! You could go extremely simple with Velma - find an orange turtle neck, red skirt, cute tights and heels. Daphne's might be a bit tougher but a long sleeve purple dress, green silk scarf, and pink tights will have you a solid Daphne costume. Don't forget the wigs!! Literally the best part of the costume.

5. Tinkerbell & Peter Pan

A Disney favorite! Who can deny how adorable Tinkerbell and Peter Pan were? Throw your hair up in a top knot, secure with a white ribbon, and grab your green tutu. Don't forget Peter Pan's green tights. They make or break the costume!

6. Flintstones

Finally, a family friendly one right? Ha! We love the Flintstones. It's the cutest costume for couples and families. No kids? Dress up your dog!

7. Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

Two complaints people have on Halloween is having to come up with a creative costume and how cold it typically is on Halloween (especially on the east coast). Here is the ultimate costume to look creative, hilarious, and WARM.

8. Little Red Riding Hood

Grab a red cape, black dress (or top and skirt), a red plaid shirt for your loved one, and some INSANE make up! You are all set for a night of compliments and Instagram worthy pictures!

Stay spooky & stay safe! Love y'all xoxo.